Headwater Hills Montessori School

Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees for 2022/23

Tuition fees vary by program and there are several payment plan options available including a 12-month payment option. A sibling discount of 15% applies. For a tuition quote please call us at 519-942-3545 or email us at nancy@headwaterhills.org with the ages of your children.

HHMS Tuition Schedule 2022/23

Tuition for 2022/23 School Year

  o  CASA Full Day (ages 3-5)   8:30-3:30                                        $11,640/yr.

  o  CASA Half Day (ages 3-4)  8:30-12:30                                      $8,160/yr.

  o  Elementary & Middle School (Grades 1-8)  8:30-3:30              $11,760/yr.

Elementary & Middle School Activity Fee* of $550: Activity fee includes all supplemental physical education programs (tennis, squash, gymnastics, basketball, skiing etc.), Theatre Orangeville, and other day field trips. Note that our overnight field trip is not included, however, any unused funds from the Activity Fee may be applied to lower the cost of this trip, applied to the following school year, or refunded, according to your preference. 

Casa Extra Activities:  There are occasional field trips including 3 weeks of gymnastics lessons, Theatre Orangeville and often a one-day excursion, which are not included in the tuition fee. 

Family Tuition Discount:  Discount of 15% for additional children from the same family. 

Registration Fee:  A non-refundable $250 registration fee per family is due at the time of registration. 


Extended Care

Extended Care is not offered at this time.