Headwater Hills Montessori School

Application Process - How to Apply

We welcome your application to Headwater Hills Montessori School! 

There are four steps for application to our school. Expand on the steps below to learn more about each step of the application process:

Step 1: Book a Tour

The first step is to let us know that you are interested in exploring the possibility of whether our program may be a good fit for your family. You may do this in one of three ways. Be sure to let us know the age of your child so that we can be accurate with the information we provide you.

1. Send us an email to nancy@headwaterhills.org letting us know the age of your child and any questions you may have.

2. Call us directly at 519-942-3545 and leave a message. 

3. Go to "Book a Tour" on this website and submit your information. 

We will get back to you and explore the possibility of booking a tour.

Due to Covid regulations, we are now booking tours for after school times only.

Step 2: Student visit

We invite each child to visit the classroom and stay for a half or full day, depending on the age of the child. This allows us to see if our program is a good fit for your child. It gives your child a chance to 'warm' up to the teacher and children in the class and to know what to expect for their first day of school.

If your child has exceptional needs we ask that you bring along any formal assessments so that we can assess whether we are able to give your child what he or she needs.

Step 3: Family Meeting

It is important for us to meet both parents wherever possible. In order for your child to have success at school a strong relationship between school and home is needed. 

The family interview is scheduled by the principal and is an opportunity to determine whether our philosophy is congruent with your own and to answer more detailed questions about the school year.

Step 4: Registration

The last step is to complete the necessary paperwork for registering your child and welcoming them to our school.

Paperwork includes your application form, emergency contact info, and a parent consent form. You will need to submit a registration fee of $250 as well as fill in a pre-authorized debit form or submit post dated cheques for the school year you are applying for. Other payment options are available as well. Please speak to Velisa, our office administrator.

Book a school tour online or call us directly at 519-942-3545 to begin the process of enrolling your child in our Montessori program today!


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