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About Headwater Hills Montessori School

Where you can be who you are, and become who you were meant to be


Why choose HHMS

What our parents say about Headwater Hills Montessori School:

  • Our school has caring, committed, highly experienced teachers.
  • We provide individualized classroom attention that adapts to a wide range of student abilities using a hands-on learning approach.
  • We have a school environment where confidence and independence are instilled in every child.
  • We have a welcoming, inclusive community that feels like family.
  • In our school there are numerous opportunities for every student to participate in art, music, languages and outdoor learning.

Like all authentic Montessori schools, we aspire to ignite a life-long love of learning and discovery. Children learn best through individualized programming, calibrated to optimally stimulate and challenge. Through active engagement, collaboration and hands-on experience, our students develop concentration, independence, competency and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.  Through the elementary years, they develop strong collaboration skills, leadership, presentation skills, resiliency, executive functioning skills and creativity. Our grade eight graduates tell us that they most appreciate how they were seen for their unique abilities and strengths, how they learned to think for themselves,  learned to access the resources they need, to express themselves with confidence, to adapt to new situations and work with all kinds of people. 

Nature - Our school provides daily opportunities for play in nature, as well as a strong outdoor learning program. We are fortunate to be located on several acres of mixed green space, including our beloved forest playground, a vegetable garden which the students maintain (and from which they prepare meals), marshland, meadows, sand pit, nature trails, and a large yard. Our Casa teacher is additionally certified as a Forest School practitioner through the Child and Nature Alliance. We believe that a strong bond between child and nature is vital to every child's well being. Rain or shine - we don't let much stop us from connecting with nature!

Social-Emotional Learning - We take every opportunity to develop social skills and emotional sensitivity within each child. In the same way that children learn to read and write better if they receive direct, kind and patient instruction, the same is true for the development of social skills. Direct instruction in social-emotional learning leads to a kinder, more compassionate, and calm learning environment. Components of Social & Emotional learning include relationship and communication skills, self-management, self-awareness, and responsible decision making.

Self-expression - We feel that self expression is a way of celebrating the uniqueness of our students and needs to be nurtured! Opportunities for self expression include drama, art, music, poetry, story writing, dance and more.

Community outings - Our students regularly participate within the local community through outings of all kinds: field trips, volunteer work, physical education (gymnastics, tennis, squash, rock climbing, basketball, and much more). This community connection provides them with experiences that would not be possible within the confines of a school. Our parents tell us they appreciate the opportunity for their children to discover which activities they would like to continue to explore outside of school.



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